Shop Update

Another amazing Superfestival under the belt – great fun was had by all. There are few pieces remaining that are now up in the shop. PaulKaiju’s Glitter Bomb Unchiman – the FINAL STAND in resplendent Blue Glitter vinyl with Gold Metal Swipe and Finger Fives to match. Awesome Toy’s Loch Ness Monster gets the S.T.E.A.M. treatment. There is one last full set of the S.T.E.A.M.Y. Fingers available and some singles as well if thats your thing. And if you’re a Phase Pheyden Phan – there are still a trio of Jingle Bomb versions of him available! (green glitter version picture is coming soon)

Thanks as always for your support!







Just for the month of December, Fig-lab’s international online shop – – has free shipping anywhere in the world on any order over ¥5000! JINGLE BOMB Finger Fives, S.T.E.A.M.  colored creatures and a few special bits and pieces will be popping up as the month goes on. Use the promo code HOHOHO2015 at check out to get your gratis shipping.


DSC_2512 DSC_2519 DSC_2524 DSC_2535

Happy Holidays from us here at Fig-lab! To celebrate the year-end we are dropping a sprinkling of these Jingle Bomb finger puppets. Wrapping up the year of the GLITTER BOMB in which we explored the spectrum of various Glitter-infused vinyls for our figures – we recently started experimenting with paint schemes that would work with this sparkly material and came up with a metallic wipe with a few choice free sprays. The result is a festive look that will look perfect under the tree or stuffed in a stocking. These are pretty limited so head over to with bells on to grab your favorites – ¥1500 each (~$12USD). For a limited time you can FREE HOLIDAY SHIPPING on any order over ¥5000 yen when you use the coupon code HOHOHO2015 at checkout.

DON-TEN at DesignFesta 39

At DesignFesta 39 held at Big Sight on May 17 & 18th, Fig-lab shared a booth with the usual suspects. My wares were sandwiched between the dual creative powerhouses of Refreshment Toy on one side, and Rampage Toys on the other.

DesignFesta is held for 2 days, Saturdays festivities at the Fig-lab table were mainly around the release of some choice PaulKaiju pieces that I won’t torture you with here (but the new Mock Pilot is adorable and the King Jinx one-offs were to die for).

Sunday – the more leisurely day of the Fest – I held the first DONTEN (呑展)- an exhibition around my favorite finger puppet – the Datadub – based loosely on yours truly. The Datadub figure is on the same mold as the illustrious Fig-lab Finger Five and has for the most part been used for self-promotion or as an omake – which is the Japanese word for special bonus.

This was really the first time that the Fab Five stayed at home, at our little Datadub took the center stage.

To one side – I had an array of a few of the custom one-offs I have had painted by some the artists that I admire and adulate.


Hey Kids!

Hey Kids!, originally uploaded by datadub.

The Fig-lab Finger Five TOOTI FROOTI series is a nutritional start to your day and comes in five wild flavors – Mandrill Mandarin, Caustic Lemon, Hurlin’ Chunky Grape, Hellish Melon, and Blueball Berry.

Collect all your favorite characters! Crazy Unca’ Biter! Sarcastic Sucklord SD!! Creepy Chibi Baby Hell!!! Far-out Phase Pheyden!!!! Mischievous MonstreApe!!!!!

The Fig-lab Finger Five TOOTI FROOTI series will be on sale at the 3DRetro Booth #5051.

Stop by and grab a handful of these Freakie Frootie Peeples – $10 each – or buy all five and get a sixth secret figure FREE!.*

*While supplies last. Offer not valid in Mordor, Tatooine, Atlantis, Hades, or Lesser Borneo.

BREAKING NEWS!: Meet the Hands behind the Fingers: Paul Kaiju and datadub will be doing a meet and greet at the 3DRetro booth #5051 on Thursday from 3pm – 5pm.
There will be exclusive customs, secret figures and other surprises!

Stop by and pull our fingers!

Characters (c) Paul Kaiju, L’Amour Supreme, MonstreHero, Suckadelic, Onell Design, Fig-lab

Blythe Gets a Job

The Designer doll Blythe, originally created in the 1972 by Kenner and re-introduced in 2001 in Japan by CWC/Takara, is the spokesperson for this new cosmetics campaign for ettusais’ aqua splash OB in Japan.
The campaign POP tells the tale of 2 Blythes: Teka-Teka(shiny) girl and Sara-Sara (Dry) girl. The product promises CHANGE from Teka-teka (which is bad apparently as demonstrated by the stormy skies and brown eyes) to the Blue-eyed Sunshine days of Sara-sara. The original Blythe doll had a gimmick where her eyes would change color at the pull of a string.

Art Hustle Series 3 Artist Proof sets have arrived in Japan!!

One of core tenets of Fig-lab’s mandate is to introduce talented Japanese figure makers and character creators to the rest of the outside world.  To this end, Fig-lab has the distinguished pleasure of coordinating with Simeon and the good folks at Card Hacks to wrangle some talented Japanese Artists to participate in their much accoladed Art Hustle series. 
For Series 1 we introduced the Sofubi kingpin Mori Katsura of REALXHEAD and character artist extraordinaire Ayako Takagi of Uamou fame. We would be amiss if we didn’t give a shout out to some of the other  talented Japanese artists who found their way into the inaugural edition including : Yukinori Dehara, Chanmen, Gargamel, and Katope. (ok – Fig-lab’s own datadub got a slot in Series 1 as well)
With Series 2 – we were mandated to cast a wide net across Japan  and hauled  in the DevilRobots, Mad Barbarians, T9G, Kaijin, Itokin Park, Touma, Skulltoys, Art Denka & Goccodo to the deck.
For the  Series 3 – we rounded up BLObPUS, Hariken (the Green Boy), Mori Chack of Gloomy Bear fame, rising star illustrator Konatsu and Ryu Akashi,  president of the seminal Medicom Toy company.
Here is a sampling of the new Series 3 special cards.

For those who don’t know…

The Art Hustle is a boutique trading card series featuring Contemporary Artists & Art. Uniquely presented on trading cards, this curated series is very much a collaborative effort with the participating artists.  

The Art Hustle exhibits an international group currently working in a variety of disciplines including street art, toy art, kaiju, illustration, painting, sculpture, aerosol art, tattoo art, digital art, film, photography and more. 

Included in the classic wax packs are Artist Profile Cards and Art Cards; all with interesting facts on the backs that you don’t want to miss. Artist-customized cards have been randomly inserted into packs, so you have the chance to pull an actual original piece of artwork. Signature Cards and Special Inserts have also been included; All contributing to a unique art-discovery experience. 

The Art Hustle is a new frontier in Art and Trading Cards, and a hell of a lot of fun. 

For more info visit the Art Hustle website.