Zombie Meat Jerky

Its Chewie! Its Blue! They say its made from the same good stuff that regular jerky is made from…. but my guess is that its smoke-dried BRAAAAAINS!

Do you dare to eat the ZOMBIE Jerky??

Available from this Rakuten shop (the site is in Japanese.)


Ichiban-boshi Chaos Custom Series 1

So Ichiban-boshi is trying their hand at the airbrush. The results look pretty good. These customs were for sale of the Ichiban-boshi online shop last Sunday. They were priced at regular Japanese retail for these figures which I thought was pretty classy. Hopefully we will see more customs in the coming months.
(BTW they’re SOLD OUT).

Gegege Exhibition at Matsuya Dept. Store

Its Obon – the summer time holiday – here in Japan – when thoughts turn to traditional ghosts, goblins and ghouls. So its the perfect time of year for and Exhibition of  Mizugi Shigeru – the godfather of the Japanese underworld.  This one starting today at the Matsuya Department store in Ginza looks like fun. I like how they will highlight some of his other characters beyond Gegege Kitaro including  Akuma-kun and Kappa no Sanpei. Show Runs from 08/11 (W) – 08/23 (M).

Mirock Toy launches its website!

Mirock Toy has launched its official web site including a blog and an online shop. Mirock (pronounced Mee-Roh-Koo)  leapt onto the the toy stage with a collaboration with Real x Head which debuted at San Diego Comic-con 2010. Sculpting in wood his wildly re-imagined sculpts of Real x Head’s core Mutant Zone characters – Head, Evil and Chaos were a big hit at SDCC. The web store contains several online exclusives, including all black unpainted versions of the RxH collaboration figures and a very traditionally painted chaos. There are also resin minis of Mirock, the brand mascot. (seen above). This guy will be one to watch for sure.

The web store currently doesn’t ship internationally.


MH x RxH!!, originally uploaded by monstrehero.

More Crossover madness forcasted to spew from the gaping wormhole at Booth #4937. RxH’s neo-standard Chaosman get the MonstreHero treatment inside and out. Oh and a fortune kitty gets it as well. Sean and Cliff should be rift-side on Preview night. There mirrorworld Gangledoppers Clean and Siff of KaijuHero will be doing a full spread at 3pm on friday and may phase in at 1pm on saturday for a battle with Paul.Monstre.

Its going to be wild – but we have already warned you about that haven’t we.

Fortune Cat Baby – Kurozake "DON"

One sure sign of disruption in the space-time continuum are the presence of strange beasts – in particular One-eyed Fortune Cats. These 2 examples have already been sighted in Japan but have been determined to be present at the site of the anomaly in san Diego as well. We also calculate that many more varieties will also scamper from the wormhole. Due to some advanced technological accoutrements we have implemented for the Crossover Exchange giving us efficiencies of extraction, we will be able to offer cats like these and all their brethren for $8