Dynamite Monster Show Vol. 5 @ GFS2010

Here at Fig-lab we are continuously the monitoring the event horizon of the impending vortex. As the opening of the rent in the fabric of space-time approaches more details are becoming discernable. Our instruments have detected a distinct rumbling in the depths of the approaching wave front. We predict a large influx of Rumble Monster goodness will emerge from the anomaly at approximately 9.30 am Friday morning. There is a lot of variation in the signal – it is impossible to predict what other influences may be mixed and munged with what finally emerges into our universe. Fortunately the Crossover Exchange will be in full effect with Hossy at the controls to cultivate and deploy the Rumble-y goodness. GFS2010 @ #4937

Real x Head is bringing the heat to the GFS2010

Mori Katsura aka Real x Head is coming to town packing the heat. There will be a heavy heavy load of old favorites, mutated originals and freakish curiosities spewing forth from the anomaly centered at booth #4937. The Global Figure Symposium will do its best to cull the crop and offer it forth. There will be unique offerings at many points during the event so check back often.
(thx to Joe at Kaiju Chronicle for his monitoring of the event horizon)

Yamazura Mazingyo at the GFS2010

gfs-mazingyo, originally uploaded by datadub.

Yamazaki has been teasing us with this little monster for a couple of months now – finally he is ready to be unleashed on the world. Behold MAZINGYO – the Demon Fish Man.
GFS2010 exclusive color – Available from Thursday morning at the CROSSOVER EXCHANGE at Booth #4937. $50 reasonable!

Glow in the Dark Steregon

gfs-steregon, originally uploaded by datadub.

Sometimes simple is best – a nice hulk of pure GID japanese vinyl – the Steregon Global Figure Symposium limited edition cometh. Comes with a club to keep the beat. Available from Thursday morning at the GFS2010 Crossover Exchange (Booth # 4937)

GFS 2010 – the CROSSOVER –

An evil robot genius in a universe next door has deployed an unspeakable device that is renting the very fabric of space and time. Strange attractors are ripping though the multiverses grabbing Heros and Villians alike; mixing, distorting and melding them into mind-boggling configurations. They will step through into our universe very soon. 

Its going to be wild.

GFS 2010 – the CROSSOVER –, originally uploaded by datadub.