Ramune X Head

Ramune is a traditional Japnese lemon soda drink, that comes in a distinctive blue green bottle. Ramune candy which has been popular with kids for a long time are small lemon-y sour (think sweet tarts) candies in a plastic replica of the traditional ramune bottle. I think this is the inspiration for the real x Headcolorways being released this weekend.

Medicom 10th Anniversary Exhibition

The Annual Medicom show is scheduled for the end of June at Parco Museum in Shibuya. This is always a kick-ass show – a massive dump of alot of the upcoming Medicom projects for the next year. The opening party is always a gala event with lots of yummy giveaways. Someday I may get to go.

FewMany: Ogi Graphics

Next week Ogi is having a show at FewMany in Shinjuku. I’m really digging the guy in the advert. Kind of pointman meet styrofoam. Check it out.

Ultra Taro

A pastiche that blurs the line between the legend of Momo Taro with the pantheon of Ultraman heroes. One could imagine that centuries from now that large buddha style statues of the Ultra kaiju. Randomly spotted in a shop window on a walk through Kiba.