RxH @ Yamashiroya :: Edo Sofubi-do the Second

By the time I arrived it was all over – the tables had been picked clean and the hardcore had moved on. But it was all the better to take photos of the glorious display cases. The 2 day event was held on the sixth floor event space of Yamashiroya in Ueno, arguably the best toy store in Tokyo. Each day started with an assortment of exclusive releases, including the newest addition to the RxH adult line – Pheyaos – an entirely new sculpt of the previous collaboration with Onell design that started with the mini Pheyaos in 2009 and continued with the adult Pheyaosman in 2010, also was a release of the new Paul Kaiju sculpted Jinx Man.

The main case was filled with an assortment of releases both old and new. One shelf was dedicated to the event releases all with Sold Out notices handwritten on the RealxHead shiriken coasters. Other shelves had all the recent releases of recent newcomers Mohican Trooper and another a grip of Bioknuckles.

At fig-lab we are more than slightly obsessed with form factors and RealxHead is the master of creating and populating his own unique format niches. Since 2009 (Post Lehman Kick) realxhead has shifted the focus of his “artistic” output to a line of “adult sized” figures away from the first wave of his popular “fight-sized” figures. Slowly and steadily he has been expanding this line of figures.

As a Realxhead is celebrating its 10th year as a toy brand this year and we thought this would be a nice time to do a series of post regarding the evolution of the RxH adult line. stay tuned.  For now enjoy this photo gallery.

GFS2011 – All Stars ComicCon Schedule

Thanks to Ralph Niese for this amazing illustration!

Thursday, July 21 2011

All Star Bazaar – Open – 2pm 
A smorgasbord of Global Figure goodness including mini minis from UAMOU, new Millennial Monsters from BloBpuS, Barbarians from Frenzy Bros., new aliens from Galaxy People  PLUS select goodies from the FIG-X.JP warehouse.
Team Europa – 2pm – close
The Tarantulas, Triclops & Bruno Orbit bring a touch of Continental Class to the Symposium. 

Friday, July 22 2011

All Star Bazaar – Open – 1pm 
Return of the morning buffet of figure entrees.

Paul Kaiju – 1pm – 3pm
The West Coast Master of Monsters will hold forth with a cornucopia of his latest creations. 
Suckadelic3pm – 5pm
The East Coast King of Bootleg Action Figures holds court with a bevy of hot Necromancer exclusives and sexy sidekicks. 
Monster Worship – 5pm – 7pm
Newcomer to the Symposium – Monster Worship will be dropping new vinyl goodness from their All Star roster including Johnny Ryan, Jeff Lam and Mark Rudolph.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

All Star Bazaar – Open – 12pm 
Your first stop in the morning to tide you over for a long Saturday of Figure overload.
L’Amour Supreme & Fiends – 12pm – 2pm
Illustrator Provocateur L’Amour Supreme is bringing an All-Star entourage of artists to the table for 2 hours of creative chaos. Rumored yet unconfirmed names culled from the Twitosphere have included Skinner, Count Chocula, TWERPS, the Creature from Laguna Beach, COOP, and Beezelbub Jr.

Monstre Sean’s Resin Emporium – 2pm – 5pm
Monstre Hero and UHOH toys team up to bring us a crunchy selection of cutting edge Resin-based Figures

Vectar’s Saturday Night Special  – 5pm – 7pm
He’s Baaaack. Second tier toy villain crashes the Symposium to drop a glyos-compatible version of himself. He will be joined in his capers by SideKick Lab. It might get messy.

Sunday, July 24, 2011
The Final Battle: All Stars versus the End of Time

This years GFS is once again proudly hosted by Onell Design & Rawshark Studios. 

We love you guys!!!


The Rift in the space-time continuum has closed but our universe will never be the same.
The Global Figure Symposium 2010 – the CROSSOVER – was a smashing success – old friends, new alliances, familiar figures and radical re-imaginings were all in evidence.

A super big thanks to Matt Doughty from Onell Design and Jesse Moore from Rawshark Studios for giving up half (way more than half) of their booth for the event as well as being deep in the mix.

Big UP to all the creators who participated:
Real x Head, Uamou, Skulltoys, PaulKaiju, Dead Presidents, MonstreHero, L’amour Supreme, Sucklord (and Vektar), The Tarantulas, Jesse DeStassio, Spy Monkey Creations, Brand Loyalty Toys, and everyone else who made the event what it was!

You can check out coverage from across the web.

The Crossover at the Global Figure Symposium SDCC

“I think one of the most interesting events this year was the tiny booth that seemed to hold a small army of artist and toy makers”. – Toybot Studios 

SDCC10: The Global Figure Symposium Booth

“This one ranked at the top of the list for booths that I needed to check back in with. There was always something new and interesting…crossovers…small runs…handmade pieces. The Global Figure Symposium killed it again this year. ” – Plastic & Plush

TOYSREVIL: Global Figure Symposium / GFS 2010 – The CROSSOVER @ San Diego Comic Con (Booth 4937)

“I personally look at this with awe and interest, especially this concept of a show-within-a-show with a specific focus, to me is pretty well brilliant, IMHO. “ – ToysREvil

Toy Break – Episode 129 

 “Bringing in all those artists, and having that crazy schedule of people come into the booth everyday with these crossovers. Thank you to datadub, thanks to Onell.” – Ayleen, Toy Break

“Next time you’re at Comic-con, you gotta get to the Onell booth, cause there are just so many great people, selling so many great things .. just awesome” – George, Toy Break 

The Crossover Exchange – Global Figure Symposium 2010 @ San Diego Comic Con 2010 

– Kaiju Chronicle

Thanks to everyone for kicking ass and making toys.


現代において最も有名なアンダーグランド・アーティストによって再現されたダース・ベイダーのヘルメット100点が、2010年6月12日~20日まで、Freeman’s Los Angeles Auction Preview (6812 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.)において公開されます。その後、これらの作品は2010年7月10日にフィラデルフィアのFreemans’ Auctioneersにおいてオークションにかけられます。

ベイダープロジェクトはDKE ToysのDov KelemerとSarah Jo Marksによって立案されたもので、そのコンセプトはとてもシンプルです。現在活躍する100人の傑出したアンダーグランド・アーティストやデザイナーがそれぞれの感性を活かして、実物大のダース・ベイダーのヘルメットを作り上げるというものです。KelemerとMarksは次のようにコメントしています。「2005年に浮かんだ素朴なアイデアが2009年には記録的な展示へと成長し、このプロジェクトから生れた作品がいよいよ世界へと飛び出す時が来ました。この優れた芸術作品を初めて一般にも広く入手いただけるようご協力いただいたFreeman’sに感謝しています」。

このプロジェクトに参加いただいた著名なアーティストは次の方々です:Shag、Peter Kuper、Jermaine Rogers、Gary Baseman、BXH、Tim Biskup、The Pizz、Dalek、Paul、Frank、Ron English、Jeff Soto、Michelle Valigura、Frank Kozik、Plasticgod、Simone Legno – Tokidoki、Bill McMullen、Secret Base – Hiddy、Joe Ledbetter、Alex Pardee、Suckadelic、Real x Head /森かつら、 Cameron Tiede、Mister Cartoon、Marc Ecko、Amanda Visell。作品のヘルメットはそれぞれ$3000(米ドル)~$15,000(米ドル)で販売される予定です。

Freemansのポップカルチャースペシャリスト、Simeon Lipmanは次のように語ります。「驚異的な成果が生み出されました。今回のオークションは、映画界において象徴的存在であるダース・ベイダーのヘルメットをモチーフに、Shag、Marc Ecko、Tim Biskup、Frank Kozikなど多くの有名なアーティストが手掛けた世界でも希有な芸術作品を、一般の方にも入手いただける絶好のチャンスです」。

2007年の発足以来、ベイダープロジェクトの作品は世界各地で行われたさまざまなスター・ウォーズ・コンベンションや博物館などで展示が行われました。ベイダープロジェクトが初めて公開されたのは2007年5月、ロサンゼルスで行われたスター・ウォーズTMセレブレーション IVです。以来、世界各地をツアーし、2007年7月にはヨーロッパ、2008年7月には日本でお披露目がされました。最近では2009年2月13日~5月3日までペンシルバニア州ピッツバーグのアンディー・ウォーホル美術館でエキシビジョンが行われました。

今回のオークションはLucasfilmのスポンサーおよび承認を受けておらず、Lucasfilmとは一切関係はございません。スター・ウォーズTM およびこれに関連する知的所有権は© 著作権登録、または ® 登録商標がされ、2010 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TMが所有権を保持しています。無断複写・転載を禁じます。

Vader Project公式サイト



Bounty Hunter / HIKARU

Busworks / Chino



Yoko d’Holbachie


Itokin Park

Real x Head / 森かつら

Mad Barbarians

Mori Chack

Secret Base / HIDDY




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Freeman’s Los Angeles Auction Preview

6812 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, C.A, U.S.A.


Lyon & Turnbull, 33 Broughton Place, Edinburgh, EH1 3RR U.K.



Freeman’s of Philadelphia

Freeman’s, 1808 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, P.A. U.S.A.