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    Event : : Superfestival 37

    Superfestival is happening once again at the Science Museum in Kudanshita this Sunday October 2. Really not much more than a jumped up flea market, I’ve always liked the octagonal layout of the venue and there always some great treasures to be found. A;lso there is a special exhibition called ‘Mad Creator Show’ featuring Tokyo […] More

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    Event : : Furi Furi Pop N Art

    Furi Furi is having another exhibition at Lapnet ship at the Foret shop in Harajuku. Its running through til wednesday October 3. They’ve set up a special site for the show and looks like there will be lots of GOODS to be had. Including these Not! Mutant Plushes which seem to be selling well. (Seems […] More

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    LameToy Generator

    A quick word about Tom Painter’s amazing LameToy Generator! It Rocks. Basically a Character Fruit Machine that lets you mix and match the heads, torsos and legs from its amazing arsenal of wild characters to create even wackier characters. And it keeps growing (literally) exponentially. Contributors include 123Klan, Lmac, Eleven18 and many more. And now […] More

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    Black & White

    The issue the every toy collector wrestles with is not how to get started, nor when to stop (easy: when the bank account is empty / spouse threatens divorce / etc) but what to collect; where to draw the boundries? what will slake your toy lust? what is your Holy Grail? Personally I’ve tried to […] More

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    Event :: Tokyo Toy Festival

    While the Toy Festival itself is kind of a sad affair, more or less a glorified Swap Meet, and definitely a far cry from the monolithic Wonderfest held just the week before. But like any good flea market there are great bargains and strange treasures to be found. To my pleaseant surprise, Cronic, one of […] More

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    Gloomy Exhibition

    Looks like there is going to be a Gloomy Bear Show from Sep. 3 – 22 at the Marui department store in Shinjuku just down the street from FewMany. Mori Chakk the creator of Gloomy is looking like the loner of the Designer toy scene and seems to keep himself insulated from all the Collabo […] More

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    Fewmany: Rolito Exhibition

    This week’s mini show at FewMany is from the french designer Rolito. There are two versions of the RolitoBoy for sale (which was my favoritest toy from last year). One is a collaboration with DJ food of Ninja Tunes (one of my favoritist recording artists) which comes with a special Rolito-mix mini CD inside the […] More

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    One of the many joys of my new job being near Shinjuku is that I can check out the weekly show at FewMany. FewMany is a great shop/micro-gallery focused on the designer toy scene and is run by the good folks at Wonderwall who distribute Toy2R to Japan and export local talent like Touma and […] More

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    Wonderfestival Summer 2005

    I really forgot what a massive undertaking Wonderfest can be. It took about 4 hours to get from one side of the hall to the other. And while there was the usual bounty of obscene garage kits and the usual gaggle of sweaty otakus taking pics of them, sprinkled here and there amongst the deitrus […] More

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    WonFest2005.JPG Originally uploaded by datadub. I still thinking Robots are going to be a big big part of this whole character figure scene. I’m still waiting for someone to do a generic robot figure that designers can start Kustomizing! These remote control ones we’re pretty cool. WonFest2005.JPG Originally uploaded by datadub. Speaking of Robots, this […] More

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    New Characters

    WonFest2005.JPG Originally uploaded by datadub. I always keep an eye out for new characters that I haven’t seen before. Dont & Not seemed to be well developed characters with a nice range of associated goods. Have their own home page and were apparently spun out from one of my fave Japanese TV programs, Vermillion Pleasure […] More

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    Indie Sofubi

    WonFest2005.JPG Originally uploaded by datadub. Nice paint colorway on this Indie Sofubi from Rumble monsters. Most of these Indie dudes only produce one figure a year with limited edition colorways at each toy show. Or sometime they do a new head for any existing torso. Often they crank out the variations in super limited lots […] More

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