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    Another amazing Superfestival under the belt – great fun was had by all. There are few pieces remaining that are now up in the shop. PaulKaiju’s Glitter Bomb Unchiman – the FINAL STAND in resplendent Blue Glitter vinyl with Gold Metal Swipe and Finger Fives to match. Awesome Toy’s Loch Ness Monster gets the S.T.E.A.M. […] More

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    Fig-lab 2015 year in review

    In terms of releases – this past year was dominated by the Glitter War releases. Apparently glitter was something I had to get out of my system (all the cool kids were doing it). Maruyama Toys was the enabler – we ran through almost their entire “Crazy Lamé” pull pour catalog.  Red, Silver, Gold, Pink, Emerald […] More

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    Just for the month of December, Fig-lab’s international online shop – – has free shipping anywhere in the world on any order over ¥5000! JINGLE BOMB Finger Fives, S.T.E.A.M.  colored creatures and a few special bits and pieces will be popping up as the month goes on. Use the promo code HOHOHO2015 at check out […] More

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    JINGLE BOMB Finger Five

    Happy Holidays from us here at Fig-lab! To celebrate the year-end we are dropping a sprinkling of these Jingle Bomb finger puppets. Wrapping up the year of the GLITTER BOMB in which we explored the spectrum of various Glitter-infused vinyls for our figures – we recently started experimenting with paint schemes that would work with […] More

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    S.T.E.A.M.Y. Fingers

    Here at Fig-lab we have been pretty stoked on our new S.T.E.A.M. colorway utilizing Goto-sensei’s inimitable metallic Copper, Silver and Gold paints. Last month, we released a handful of PaulKaiju’s iconic Unchiman in this new colorway that we have developed (a few of which are still available!) and now the Finger Five get the full S.T.E.A.M. […] More

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    Guumon + Friends SOFUBI show at One-UP Akiba

    Short notice folks – but D-CON was sooo last week. Fig-lab will be joining Guumon + Friends at a nice little SOFUBI show at the One-Up showcase in Akiba Cultural Zone. Featuring fresh customs from western SOFUBI artists Guumon, Bwana Spoons, Devils Head Production, and Kearjun. Fig-lab will be contributing a clutch of Datadub finger puppets – several Metal Swipe […] More

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    DON-TEN at DesignFesta 39

    At DesignFesta 39 held at Big Sight on May 17 & 18th, Fig-lab shared a booth with the usual suspects. My wares were sandwiched between the dual creative powerhouses of Refreshment Toy on one side, and Rampage Toys on the other. DesignFesta is held for 2 days, Saturdays festivities at the Fig-lab table were mainly […] More

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    RxH @ Yamashiroya :: Edo Sofubi-do the Second

    By the time I arrived it was all over – the tables had been picked clean and the hardcore had moved on. But it was all the better to take photos of the glorious display cases. The 2 day event was held on the sixth floor event space of Yamashiroya in Ueno, arguably the best […] More

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    Phase Pheyden "Custom Corps" by Hellopike

    Phase Pheyden – Onell Design’s contribution to the Fig-lab Finger Five – gets the Hellopike “Custom Corps” treatment. Customizer extraordinaire Hellopike is at it once more with a grip of his one-of-a kind customized Phase Pheyden Sofubi Finger puppets. Grab one of these blind-bagged beauties before they are Phased Out! LUNATIC FRINGE WEBSHOP More

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    Fig-lab Finger Five Exclusive release for STGCC

    Better late than never… wanted to give a big shout out to Mighty Jaxx for hosting an exclusive release of the Finger Five at their booth at STGCC this past weekend. They also tapped us to supply them with a cornucopia of the freshest Japanese Vinyl from UAMOU, Blobpus, RealxHead, Chima Group, Monstock and Hariken.  Hope the […] More

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