Design festa 32 was a hoot

Another design festa has come on and gone. This was my 4th design festa from “the other side side of the table” as it were and as is the tradition now – I shared the experience and the booth with my good friends at Art Denka & Goccodo. New insights were gained (mini-booths rule- full booths are a waste), others were re-inforced (Saturday is far and away the day for figure sales. My sales were easily triple saturday what they were Sunday.) However it did seem like there were more actual people in the venue on Sunday. Small cheap stuff rules – while this seems to be the order of the day in the figure world in these Economically- challenged times this has always been the rule of thumb at Festa known as Design. Postcards, badges and stickers rule the day – I noticed alot of vinyl under the 1000 yen price point. It was still an amazing yet tiring weekend – I always see new friends, unexpected folks (Joe from squibbles ink!!) and discover something new.

Hope to see you there one day.

Kaiju Korner has some great pics from day 1!

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Super Festival! Super Friends!