At DesignFesta 39 held at Big Sight on May 17 & 18th, Fig-lab shared a booth with the usual suspects. My wares were sandwiched between the dual creative powerhouses of Refreshment Toy on one side, and Rampage Toys on the other.

DesignFesta is held for 2 days, Saturdays festivities at the Fig-lab table were mainly around the release of some choice PaulKaiju pieces that I won’t torture you with here (but the new Mock Pilot is adorable and the King Jinx one-offs were to die for).

Sunday – the more leisurely day of the Fest – I held the first DONTEN (呑展)- an exhibition around my favorite finger puppet – the Datadub – based loosely on yours truly. The Datadub figure is on the same mold as the illustrious Fig-lab Finger Five and has for the most part been used for self-promotion or as an omake – which is the Japanese word for special bonus.

This was really the first time that the Fab Five stayed at home, at our little Datadub took the center stage.

To one side – I had an array of a few of the custom one-offs I have had painted by some the artists that I admire and adulate.