Here at Fig-lab we were very sad to not be able to head to Thailand this year for the Thailand Toy Festival. TTE though is trying out something new and exciting for these troubling times, they are holding the festival online!

To coincide with the Online event, Fig-lab is soft opening our new shop and will currently we will only be taking orders shipping to Thailand addresses. (More countries will be coming very soon!)

We will be featuring select works by Kaori Hinata (hinatique), Teresa Chiba, Sushi L.A. (Nakao Teppei), Shishi by Bigshot Toyworks and Fig-lab.

At the TTE website and social media sites, you’ll still be able to enjoy all the toys, the workshop, live painting and exclusive toy auction that you won’t find anywhere in the way you used to but a whole new experience with #TTEonlineEdition

TTE will be releasing the registration and auction process, along with activities announcement and activity schedules. There will a Virtual tour that be opens on 28 May 10.00 am (Thailand time)

For more information, Please visit: