Taipei Toy Festival 2020, one of our favorite international toy shows start tomorrow (Nov 20, 2020). We look forward to it every year. Unfortunately, as the Covid-19 Pandemic has shut down international travel, it is with great sadness that we will only be participating remotely in the event this year.

Thanks to the good folks at Monster Taipei, Wrong Gallery and Paradise Toys for helping us out his year.

Global Figure Showcase (D2-07) will exhibiting works from Kaori Hinata (Hintique), Teresa Chiba, Seri Norica, Bigshot Toyworks, Sushi L.A. and Fig-lab.

Check out what will be on display and where to purchase!

Morris & Inu-Harigon – Retro Toyshop 2nd Edition

The exciting Retro Toyshop 2nd Edition Morris & Inu-Harigon set by Kaori Hinata and Teresa Chiba will debut at Taipei Toy Festival this year! Limited quantities will be available from Wrong Gallery (Booth A33).

Inu-Harigon and Kibunadon – Akamono Bikers series by Teresa Chiba

“AKAMONO” means “something red” for red colored Japanese folk toys. Japanese people believed that red color have special power to ward off plague.

These vibrant new colorways of Kibunadon, Inu-Harigon and Inu-Harigon Kotobuki will be available from Paradise Toys (Booth A53)

NEWS FLASH! Also making its debut at TTF this year is the exciting INUHARI-DARUMA!! These will also be available from Paradise Toys (Booth A53)

Morris 2020 and Kitty Morris (Pink Pants)

Also new from Kaori Hinata are the Kitty Morris (Pink Pants) and the deluxe Morris 2020 limited edition. These are available online from the Fig-lab Shop.Asia.
Shop now!

Kaiju Sundy – Ramune flavor by Seri Norica

The newest figure from Seri Norica – Kaiju Sundy Ramune Flavor will be available at Taipei Toy Festival from Wrong Gallery (Booth A33)!

Also check out the Seri Norica collection on the Fig-lab Shop.Asia online shop!

Sushi L.A. – Deep Sadness

Sushi L.A. is especially sad that we can’t see our fans in Taiwan this year! Ebi and Maguro Deep Sadness edition will be available in limited quantities in from Wrong Gallery (Booth A33).

Also check out the Fig-lab Shop.Asia Sushi L.A. Collection!

Shi-shi the Tiny Guardian by Bigshot Toyworks

Shi-shi the Tiny Guardian is a cute little sofubi from the geniuses at Bigshot Toyworks. Ivory DX edition will be coming in 2021 but the Ebony version is available online now!

Shi-Shi at Fig-lab Shop.Asia.