Sushi L.A. – Tamago (Soft Boiled) by Teppei Nakao + Sentinel Japan


Sushi L.A. Tamago is the ninja of the gang – in soft-boiled stealth mode!

Designed by Teppei Nakao and produced by Sentinel Japan

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Product Description

Nakao Teppei is a Japanese illustrator well known for a unique style and his quirky outlook on the world. 

His commercial illustration work has been featured in a wide range of media including magazine covers, book design, print advertisements, TV commercials, and web sites.  He has held numerous personal gallery exhibitions and  organizes Frisbee Paint Workshops (FPW) at outdoor events all over Japan.

Nakao has recently collaborated with Japanese toy make Sentinel, to produce Sushi L.A. – the first sofubi toy based on his designs. The Sushi L.A. figure has been an instant hit worldwide and will be making its Singapore debut at STGCC 2018.