Super Festival! Super Friends!

SuperFestival 54 has come and gone but it was definitely a BLAST! The long heat wave of summer had finally broken, and there seemed to be a better than average sized-crowd of folks in the house. Superfestival is by far my favorite toy event in Japan. Kaiju Korner has a really good blog entry about the event with tons of pics. (Yokoso to Japan Andy!)

Mori from Real x Head got us all a group booth that made a solid block of fun. So many new releases – seems like everyone in the crew had something new for sale. Participating in the block party were Real x Head, Cha-iro Brown (Shef & Tama-chan), Uamou, ArtDenka, Goccodo, Kaiju Blue, Nerd One, Dr. StrangeToys, Refreshment, Pop Soda, Copy Robot, Kowelly Town, Spooky Parade, Fig-lab, Atom A. ArmwrestlerMirock ToysCord Viper, and – the boys from Boston – Onell Design & Rawshark Studios. 
This was my haul [See the annotated version at flickr]

Esther’s video by Chuck Eklectric

Design festa 32 was a hoot